вторник, 23 декабря 2014 г.

Lexical-Grammar Test

Read the text below and decide which answer (А, В, С or D) best fits each space. 

A new life
       It took a few days after the cheque had arrived for me to (1) ......... that our life would never be the same again - it was a dream (2)...... true. Like everyone else, I had often (3)........what it would be like not having to worry about paying the bills and just (4)...........ends meet. My husband always (5)........to say there would come a day when we could (6)......... the lights on without worrying how much it was going to (7)......... us. He had been (8)......... work for the last couple of years and we had begun to wonder whether things (9)....... ever get better. Suddenly, we were (10)........... plans to move into a new house. We knew that we would lose (11)..........with the neighbours with whom we had shared so much (12)......... the years, but both of us felt we needed more space and a proper garden. I had always been (13)........ on gardening but there hadn’t been much scope for my talents in the little (14)........of grass we had at the front of the house. Before moving, however, we decided to (15).........ourselves to a nice, long holiday.

1 A notice В realize С find D convince
2 A made В come С being D become
3 A planned В predicted С imagined D enjoyed
4 A having В doing С putting D making
5 A would В had С used D repeated
6 A let В leave С remember D see
7 A cost В pay С spend D ask
8 A off В without С out of D down
9 A will В would С had D have
10 A making  В drawing С looking D having
11 A time В communication  С touch D friendship
12 A in В over С at D for
13 A fond В good С enthusiastic  D keen
14 A part В patch С piece D blades
15 A treat В enjoy С entrance D spoil

Answers: 1 B, 2 B, 3 C, 4 D, 5 C, 6 B, 7 A, 8 C, 9 B, 10 A, 11 C, 12 B, 13 D, 14 C, 15 A

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Barcelona style

Barcelona style! :)

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